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Our eligibility certification process verifies that you are who you say you are with respect to your gender identity, so we can vouch for your eligibility in esports competitions and gaming events for women, non-binary, and/or trans players. See the FAQ for more details.

Identity Verification Form
Submit the full name, email, Discord username, player ID, gender, and pronouns that you would like to appear on the confirmation certificate you will receive if your request is verified as eligible.

Fields marked (°) are optional, but you must choose at least one means of identity verification for our moderators to review your request. All documents are automatically destroyed after the process is completed.
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Physical credentials with gender/sex marker
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Eligibility Certification FAQ
Who is AnyKey’s identity verification system for?
Our verification system certifies that you are who you say you are with respect to your gender identity, so you can demonstrate your eligibility for marginalized gender esports events. Once we verify your eligibility, we will email you an eligibility certificate that can be used to register for events that are for marginalized genders.
What counts as a “marginalized gender”?
In gaming and esports, players who are marginalized because of their gender include women, non-binary, and/or trans folks.

At AnyKey, we define non-binary as a vast umbrella which includes folks who are: agender, bigender, demigender, intersex, gender non-conforming, genderfluid, genderqueer, pangender, two-spirit, or xenogender—regardless of their assigned gender at birth.
How does this eligibility certification process work?
Players who want to have their eligibility for marginalized gender events certified fill out the verification form with evidence of a public track record of their identity.

Applicants can choose to provide one of several options to prove that they are who they say they are: physical photo identification with a gender or sex marker, an official affirming doctor’s note, or a well-established social media account with a 6+ month history of identity-related content. Affirming photo IDs and documents are processed quickly, while social media accounts take longer to review. Players who cannot or do not want to provide these forms of documentation can request verification via voice chat.

Trained ComfyCrew moderators review each request to verify the details. Players who submit sufficient proof of their marginalized gender identity will receive an email that contains their unique AnyKey Eligibility Certificate. Players can use this certificate to register for tournaments that require proof of eligibility.
How does voice chat verification work?
Players who request voice chat verification will receive an email invitation to the #verification-lounge in AnyKey’s Discord server. Once there, applicants will find instructions about setting up their interview with one of our ComfyCrew moderators.

During the voice chat interview, players are invited to tell us about themselves, why marginalized gender tournaments matter to them personally, and to answer questions about their gender identity. Our process is designed to create an affirming and supportive experience for anyone presenting themselves authentically.
How does AnyKey decide whether or not to verify someone?
AnyKey’s team wants to see a track record that shows a player genuinely is who they say they are outside of the gaming space. This identity story might be told through official documentation, social media history, or during a voice chat interview.
What forms of photo ID are acceptable?
We accept any physical identification document from an official organization if it has your photo, full name, and a gender or sex marker. Examples include: identity card, driver's license, passport, tribal membership, employee badge, school ID, or library card.
What if I my preferred name is not on my official document?
The full name on your application should recognizably match the one shown on your photo ID or doctor’s note. If you compete using a preferred name significantly different than your legal name, please provide a short explanation in the Additional Notes section.
What qualifies as a “well-established social media account”?
Any public social media account with 6+ months of activity that includes references to or discussion of the applicant’s gender identity. Not every post has to be about gender, follower count is not important, but we need to see more than just pronouns in bio.

If we cannot find sufficient content related to your gender identity, we will ask that you submit a new application with affirming documents (photo ID or doctor’s note) or request a voice chat interview. Private social media accounts will not be considered.
What if I want to provide more than one social media account?
Use the Additional Notes section of the verification form to share supplemental social media accounts or other relevant information.
What if I am not publicly out about my gender?
You can request a voice chat verification interview if you are not publicly open about your gender identity.

But remember: events for players of marginalized gender highlight and amplify underrepresented gamers! If you and your team play well, you could advance to a championship event where you would be highly visible playing on stage and stream. Before registering for such events, be sure you’re ready to be out in that arena.
How do you keep my sensitive data secure?
Our encrypted system ensures that only ComfyCrew moderators can access your information. Any documents you upload, such as a photo ID or doctor’s note, will automatically be deleted from our file server after your application is reviewed.

You are welcome to redact sensitive details from your documents if they aren’t directly relevant to the identity verification process. For instance, you may blur out your address as an extra safety measure.
How long does it take to verify my eligibility?
Most applications are reviewed within 48 hours, but some may take up to one week to be evaluated. Photo IDs and doctor’s notes are processed quickly, but players who submit social media or request voice chat verification should expect to wait longer than average.

Even if you aren’t sure if you will make a team roster, you should apply well in advance of event registrations to be prepared.
What do I do with my eligibility certificate?
If your application is approved, you will receive an email with an AnyKey Eligibility Certificate that shows your full name, email, Discord username, player ID, gender, and pronouns. It will also include a unique code and be stamped with the date of issue.

You can use this certificate to prove your eligibility when you register for a marginalized gender event. Tournament organizers or showrunners will ask for a screenshot of your certificate and they may also require you enter your unique certificate code separately.
What if I need to change the details on my eligibility certificate?
Only players who have substantially changed their name, gender, email, or Player ID need to reapply for updated eligibility certificates. Changes to your Discord username will not affect your eligibility.

To update your certificate, submit a new application and use the Additional Notes to indicate you are reapplying with different personal details. Be sure to include the unique code from your previous certificate so that we can expedite your request.
Who decides if I can participate in an event?
Tournament owners and organizers determine eligibility criteria and decide who can participate in their events. AnyKey certifies that you are who you say you are with respect to your marginalized gender identity, but each organization defines their own rules for eligibility, so you should be sure to check competition details.
Can trans men get certified?
Of course, trans men are marginalized because of their gender too! AnyKey certifies all transmasculine applicants who show a track record of their identity story. However, unfortunately not all marginalized gender tournaments allow trans men to participate, so be sure to check event rules for their eligibility requirements.
What happens if a player is accused of faking their identity?
If AnyKey loses confidence a player is who they say they are, we may withdraw their eligibility certificate. Tournament organizers and showrunners may pursue punitive action if they find a player has violated event eligibility rules by misrepresenting themselves.

If you haves concerns about a fellow competitor in marginalized gender events requiring AnyKey eligibility certifications, you can share them with ComfyCrew by clicking the button below.
Why are there esports events for marginalized genders anyway?
There are many cultural barriers that cause women, non-binary, and/or trans players to be harassed, discriminated against, and excluded from gaming spaces. Marginalized gender events support these players by providing opportunities to gain crucial competitive experience and build a supportive community network. These events also elevate and amplify the top players toward main event opportunities, media visibility, and potential sponsorships.
Where do I go if I have more questions?
Feel free to join us in our Discord server to ask any questions you have about AnyKey, the ComfyCrew, our eligibility certification process, or the concept of gender itself! We’re always happy to chat about complex topics with fellow gamers.
Trouble with a competitor?

Our ComfyCrew will review your reports about problematic players at events requiring AnyKey eligibility certification.

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