Welcome Anybody,
Include Everybody, Play Fair

AnyKey was created to foster change and empower the champions who are making a difference in competitive gaming.

Through our innovative and impactful programs we are working to build a more inclusive and accessible esports world for all.

GLHF Pledge

Video games and esports should be open to all. Join us in creating a community of gamers that welcomes anybody and includes everybody by pledging to be a positive influence in your own spaces.

Changemakers Grant

Are you making gaming more diverse and inclusive? We want to support you! With sponsorship from the Air Force, AnyKey will award a $5,000 grant to help the chosen recipient expand the impact of their work.

Our goal is to make substantial change

By increasing the percentage of marginalized people represented and participating in competitive gaming.


By improving the quality of meaningful participation in gaming spaces for members of marginalized groups.


By creating and providing new opportunities and resources for marginalized gamers, casters, and streamers.

Your feedback is important to us
"AnyKey holds positive and progressive values at its core. It's run by amazing women who actively aim to help their affiliates."
"I love the message of AnyKey. We need as many people as possible out there helping to break down barriers and change the culture of competitive gaming."
"AnyKey is helping lead the charge for gamers who believe in compassion, integrity, respect, and courage."
Our initiatives are strategically designed

We highlight those blazing a trail in the gaming community through content, spotlights, videos, articles, and tournaments.


We create meaningful opportunities for underrepresented groups to meet and network at some of the country’s largest gaming events.


We advance a more positive gaming community through social initiatives and the creation of educational tools and research.

About AnyKey

AnyKey is an advocacy group that supports diversity, inclusion, and equity in competitive gaming. We amplify, connect, and empower underrepresented players and their allies through research and strategic initiatives.

Through our programs we aim to increase representation, improve participation, and foster more positive community spaces in gaming for players of any kind. AnyKey is made possible through a partnership between ESL and Intel.